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“Tony the Italian Greyhound loves your store.” - Tracy K.

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Training tip of the month

At Bark & Fitz we carry pet supplies and pet food with the utmost commitment to the health of our companions. That makes us a pet food store with a difference. You will not see national brands of pet treats and food that are full of corn, wheat, and their by-products in our stores or online. Our unwavering approach to selling food items that are biologically appropriate and that we would give to our own pets is how we practice what we believe to be the very best care for our animals, and yours.

Whether you are looking for natural pet food, all-Canadian, or raw food, we seek out the very best nutritional choices for your dog and cat. Corn, wheat, and all the by-products are not part of a healthy, nutritional diet, so you will not find them in our store. We believe that it’s hypocritical to hype healthy pet food and then put it side-by-side with cheaply produced, mass-market products that are chockfull of wheat gluten and by-products. No need to read the labels in our store: if we wouldn’t feed it to our own dogs and cat, we wouldn’t put it on our shelves. It’s as simple as that.

Pet supplies are just as important to us, you, and your companion, so we choose what we sell with care. For you to do grooming at home we carry a full selection of tested and reliable tools for both dogs and cats.

For your in store grooming needs, we make sure all our groomers are experienced, and knowledgeable.

You know pet treats are not just for fun, they are an essential tool in training your companion, and reinforcing positive behaviour. Our pet food store knows that treats need to be delicious, high-value, and nutritional. That’s why we make our own biscuits, as well as carrying healthy and tasty options, for the ultimate selection for your dog. We’ve also got you covered for pet treats for your cat, which not only taste great, but have terrific health benefits as well.

Our pet food stores are all about the health and happiness of your companion, and we welcome you to bring them on in to the store. After all, how else can we help you fit them for a collar or harness? Online, we blog about the issues that we hear you asking about. We look forward to hearing about your experiences and feedback with your companion. We hope you’ll visit us often, both in-store and online, to share the love we all have for our pets.

At Bark & Fitz, we do not see the trend in healthy, natural pet food as a marketing gimmick. We know that what we feed our companions is the single most important factor in their health. That’s why we only carry pet treats and food that are biologically appropriate for your pets, and we do not sell feed that’s full of fillers and by-products.

So come on in to Bark & Fitz, and see the difference our pet food store makes by selecting only the best of pet treats and food for our companions and yours. Experience our knowledge of pet supplies and grooming, and the care we take in what’s on our shelves, be it in store, or online. We’re here to help, so visit us in store, call us at 1-855-734-BARK, or contact us online, with your questions, comments, and experiences.

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